LFL Chambers

In 1990 DCT Chambers acquired Langley Freight Lines (LFL). At the time, the acquisition met trucking regulatory requirements for hauling non-forest product back hauls, lowering customers’ freight rates and improving timely service.



Langley Freight Lines covers off every unique shipping requirement, permitting customers ease of use and competitive haul rates by providing multiple handling, back hauls, and inventory management capabilities.  LFL operates Super Train flat decks, tautliner curtain siders, two way haul combinations, pneumatic bulkers, fuel trailers, end and side dumps, and live floors.

  • Aggregates. End dumps and side dump trailers move all types of aggregates as well as ore and minerals including coal, concentrates and mining byproducts.
  • Chemicals. Resins for board plants are moved in two way haul fabritank containers and trailers.
  • Dry bulk commodities. Super Train flatdecks and curtain siders haul cement, forest products, steel, pipe, resin powder and building materials.
  • Petroleum. Connecting service stations and inventory sites with refineries and pipelines.
  • Intermodal Rail/Truck.
  • Truck scales
  • Inventory management/value added services
  • Fork lifts
  • Fall restraint devices for load configuration safety
  • Covered tarping and staging areas
  • Cross-border freight documentation and customs clearance contacts



  •  LFL operates two intermodal sites; one at Oroville, WA and the other at the Abbotsford/Sumas border. The sites handle liquid and pneumatic bulk transfers from rail cars and construction and specialized materials, including pipe, coil, and steel. Both sites have direct access to Canadian and US rail lines.
  • LFL operates an active 10 acre truck reload site also in Abbostford, BC adjacent to the Sumas WA border. Steel and pipe products are transferred from US carriers with lesser load standards and combined for hauling longer distances at higher Canadian load standards, often destined for Northern BC and Alberta.
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