The Chambers Group – With hundreds of trucks, the Chambers Group offers customers 50 years of experience and excellence, transporting bulk and specialized commodities throughout the Pacific Northwest in Canada and the United States. Privately owned and founded on strong family values and a passion for systems innovation and sustainable operations, the Chambers Group offers competitive logistics and transportation solutions.



DCT Chambers Trucking Ltd, a name synonymous with forest products transportation, was created to provide a rail alternative for efficient, reliable wood fibre hauling. The company has grown with the investment in people, technology, efficient trailer designs and fibre handling systems.

The Glen Transport Division geographically serves the needs of the forest products industry in Alberta and South Eastern BC as well as Idaho, Montana, and Washington states. Glen’s growing fleet of liquid and dry bulk operations are also based out of Southern BC.


Service excellence and reputation has led to diversification for LFL Chambers; now transporting liquid chemicals, dry bulk commodities, petroleum, steel construction materials, aggregates, pneumatic powders and other freight requiring logistics expertise in both Western Canada and the United States.


Western Midstream is a dynamic oilfield liquid bulk transporter headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. Extensive oilfield experience, combined with professional, qualified operators, contributes to Western’s continued success in the industry today.